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David Quick and Grand Flaneur

The HHAA is an association formed of members who are passionate about the promotion of the Holsteiner Horse within Australia and the maintenance of the integrity of the breed.

The Holsteiner horse is a type of Warmblood originating from the Holstein region of Germany and dating back approximately 800 years. Bred originally for farm work, they were then used as cavalry mounts from the 1600’s before the type was modified in the 1900’s by the use of Thoroughbred and other lighter breeds to produce carriage and riding horses. This has produced the modern type of Holsteiner – elegant, expressive, noble, powerful and athletic with heart and stamina – resulting in them being one of the most successful and sought after modern sport horses. In the Olympic disciplines, Holsteiners have been successful at the top levels of Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing and Carriage Driving. This success has seen other types of Warmbloods introduce Holsteiners into their studbooks to improve their own stock.

The first Holsteiners were imported into Australia in the 1970’s when several stallions were imported from Germany and mainly used over Thoroughbred mares. These stallions became the Foundation Sires of the Holsteiner Horse Association of Australia and their bloodlines are still carried by many Australian Holsteiners today. Since then, more stallions and mares have been imported to complement and improve the Australian bred stock and this has produced horses that have represented Australia at the Olympics and World Equestrian Games. 

The ideal Holsteiner is between 16 (160cm) and 17 hands (170cm), well-balanced with round generous strides and natural elastic movement. They are a bold, willing horse which is physically and mentally able to perform at a level of excellence in the modern sport horse disciplines. With a steady character and eagerness to cooperate, the Holsteiner is a reliable mount with a tremendous capacity to perform at the highest levels.

The HHAA are a group of like minded breeders with a love of the Holsteiner and a belief in its ability to provide the truly modern sport horse.


Cor de la Bryère

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