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An explanation of the various stud books is available to members of the HHAA. 


Please note, all horses must meet the criteria as set out in the articles of association (available from the Association).  A summary of blood content and classification points required is detailed as follows.

Interested in having your horse classified and registered with the studbook?  Contact the registrar to find out when the next assessment is taking place.












The Holsteiner stallion or colt shall be out of a Holsteiner mare who has a Holsteiner Dam, a Holsteiner Grand Dam and a Holsteiner Great Grand Dam. The Sire shall have a Holsteiner Dam and a Holsteiner Sire, and one parent directly traceable back to the stud books of the Holsteiner Verband of Germany.

Holsteiner Warmblood Stallions must have at least 50% Holsteiner blood as well as 50% Warmblood content in their pedigree. 


  1. Holsteiner mares and geldings shall be those foals derived from the mating of a registered Holsteiner stallion to a classified mare which has been classified Holsteiner, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Anglo Arab or Arab.

  2. All Holsteiner Warmbloods and Warmbloods shall be mares or geldings as classified and approved by the Association.  They shall contain not less than 25% of their respective blood content and one parent shall be directly traceable to the stud books of Europe.


  1. Holsteiner Warmbloods shall be those progeny resulting from the mating of one parent registered in the Holsteiner stud book; being not less than 50% Holsteiner blood content and the other parent in the Association stud book or noted in a stud book recognised by the Breeding Directive Committee.





The foundation register is available to Thoroughbred and Anglo Arab mares.  When these mares are joined to a Holsteiner Stallion, the resulting females are eligible of the main Holsteiner Stud Book.


If the foundation mare is put to a 50% Holsteiner Stallion, the resultant female is eligible for registration in the Appendix Stud Book as a 25% Holsteiner where she remains.


If the foundation mare is put to a full Holsteiner Stallion, the resultant female is called a 50% mare.  She is eligible for the full, high and premium section of the stud book, providing she scores enough points during her classification.


If her scores are below that required for a premium registration, she then goes into the high stud book.  If her scores are below that of high, she goes to full stud book.  If her scores are below that of full, then she goes to Appendix where she will remain.


Her female progeny if then put to either a 50% or full Holsteiner Stallion are eligible for all sections, again providing they acquire enough points during classification, as they carry enough Holsteiner blood content.


The Holsteiner Warmblood Stud book runs parallel to the Holsteiner Stud Book and the same format is used with the same status for each section.


The only difference is the Warmblood content is not mixed into the main Holsteiner Stud book so that a Holsteiner Warmblood remains just that.


The reason for not mixing Warmblood content into the main Holsteiner Studbook is because we don’t want to change the unique characteristics of the Holsteiner Horse.


The Warmblood Studbook was designed so that members of the HHAA could also register and classify their Warmblood stock.  It runs parallel with the Holsteiner and Holsteiner Warmblood Stud books and caries the same status except that they remain there for life.


If Warmblood mares are crossed with a recognised Holsteiner Stallion, the progeny are eligible for registration with the Holsteiner Warmblood Studbook.


A star performance award is given to a mare that has gained exceptional performance in show jumping, eventing, dressage or breed showing classes.  It may be awarded to any mare from the appendix to premium.


A derivative mare is one that contains less than 25% Holsteiner blood.  It is not eligible for any studbook and remains a derivative for life.


If a derivative has proof of breeding (for example Holsteiner, Thoroughbred, Anglo Arab) and is put to a full Holsteiner Stallion, its female progeny may be eligible as a foundation mare upon classification in the appendix studbook.


Thoroughbred stallions may be recognised and registered with the HHAA but must go back over full Holsteiner mares for their progeny to be eligible for registration with the appropriate section of the Holsteiner Stud book and upon receiving the appropriate classification points.


For any horse to be registered in the premium studbook, they must complete a free jumping test and gain the appropriate marks.  This is in addition to the standard classification criteria.

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